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Locust or Acacia :
Wood very hard and very resistant to moisture. Floor Ideal for parts of water (bathroom, kitchen), especially in machining boat deck trendy. The color of your floor acacia honey lightly fill you
originality and beauty.
Ash :
The floor of rare beauty is exactly the character of a charming interior. In a very light color and a floral aspect to the very marked, you will find this essence with the urge decorations heterogeneous. This flooring is very suitable for high traffic areas.
Our main reference: Relais Chateau "La Bastide Saint Antoine" in Grasse.
Maple :
Rarely used in flooring but still very interesting for its hardness and color slightly pink pearly see, your maple floor will bring brightness. The grain soft but expressive allow you to showcase a design concept while maintaining a presence in any restraint.
More than flooring used in woodworking, cherry has still its place in parquet. From a very light brown or reddish, it is intended for secondary rooms
(bedroom for example). Your cherry parquet mark clearly your desire for distinction and originality.
French Walnut :
Luxury, appearance, beauty ... no qualifier is strong enough to define the richness of the wood. Used in flooring, you will find a fertile soil and varied in color from dark brown to light beige (not to be confused with the walnut USD plus purple).
Your floor will drown just different and unusual,
you will wish to contemporary decor.
Our main reference: implementation of S4 terminal to Roissy CDG in 2011.